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Interior Reconditioning & Repair

It is crucial to clean and protect the interior of your vehicle from fading, cracking and everyday use damage. Interior car maintenance includes shampooing and conditioning the interior fabric and leather inside your vehicle to prolong the vehicle’s service life while keeping its top market value.

Let our professionals return your interior to “like-new” condition. With our experience we can repair minor cuts, scrapes and scratches on vinyl, leather or fabric surfaces.

Leather & Vinyl Repair

We provide the latest technology in leather and vinyl repairs and reconditioning including crease lines, wear damage, fading of dye color, sun aged discoloration, drying out that leads to cracking and tearing. Our interior car reconditioning is much cheaper than interior replacement and quickly restores leather and vinyl to an original like finish.

Fabric Repair

Our Fabric Repair service provides interior car reconditioning for burns, stains, tears, holes, cuts and other fabric damage. Most fabric repair services can be completed within a few hours and cost much less than buying all new interior fabrics.

Carpet Repair & Dying

We can repair and protect your vehicles carpet from burns, stains, tears, and other carpet damage. We also offer Carpet Dying service to cover up embedded stains and fading to match original carpet color. Interior car reconditioning is much cheaper than carpet replacement and quickly restores any cosmetic carpet damages.

Headliner Replacement

We use only the best headliner materials, fabrics, color variation, and adhesive products to restore your headliner to factory quality and add to resale value.

Plastic Repair

Our Plastic Repair service fixes chips, cracks, and other plastic damage on the interior of your vehicle. We offers different surface patterns and color variations to match the original plastic and is much cheaper than plastic replacement.

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